Sunday, September 7, 2014

Elaneer Payasam / Tender Coconut Kheer

Elaneer payasam recipe is very simple and less time consuming, but it's tastes heavenly. 


Tender Coconut water : 3 cups ( 2 tender coconuts )
Tender coconut flesh : flesh from 2 tender coconut
Coconut Milk : 150 ml
Milk : 1 cup
Condensed Milk : 150 ml
Elaichi ( cardamom powder ) : a pinch


Boil whole milk then pour condensed milk, when it becomes thick switch off the flame. Allow it to cool, then add coconut milk and cardamom powder into it and mix well.
Grind 3/4 part of coconut flesh along with enough coconut water, add this paste to the milk mixture.
Cut remaining coconut flesh into small pieces and add to the mixture. Now add remaining coconut water (adjust the amount of coconut water so that the payasam does not become too watery)
Chill the payasam atleast for 30 minutes and serve.


  1. I had seen this recipe in some TV channel ages back... and wanted to make it, but keeps slipping off my mind... this must be a real cooler... so yum this looks...

  2. lovely payasam shama :) handi style presentation is very nice

  3. wow , this is a completely new recipe for me.

  4. delicious sure will try!
    happy to follow It would be appreciated if you do the same

  5. I too like coconut kheer and even shared recipe at my site.
    My method is different from yours. I like your handi collections.
    Have a nice week ahead!

  6. by the way thanks for visiting my site and helped me to reach you. following you...:)